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A Guide on Urgent Care

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What Is Urgent Care?

An alternative to an emergency room, urgent care is a walk-in clinic that assists with some medical needs. Whether it is an illness or an injury that you are suffering from, the medical staff on-site can treat any general concern you may have and be experiencing.

When To Go To Urgent Care

Many patients who visit the urgent care facilities either do not have a primary physician or cannot see them when they are sick due to booked appointments. If you have a medical emergency or experiencing chronic pain for several days, it may be time to visit the urgent care office for assistance.

What Time Does Urgent Care Open?urgent care exterior

Depending on the Urgent Care location and the day of the week, Urgent Care can open as early as 7 am in some locations. This is to assist those who need to see a physician before they head to work or need one of the offered services early in the morning.

What Time Does Urgent Care Close?

Urgent Care facilities are often open as late as 8 am, depending on the urgent care location during the week. On the weekends, those facilities that are open will close around 5 pm.

Can You Go to Urgent Care Without Insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, you can still be seen at an Urgent Care facility. You would identify yourself as a self-pay patient and either pay your services in full the day of treatment or speak with a representative about a payment plan if you experienced many services in the same visit.

How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

Urgent care costs compare with standard doctor visit costs. A standard office visit is a flat-rate of $195 per patient. Not all bills are the same, as they vary based upon the services you require when you visit the Urgent Care facility.

Does Urgent Care Bill You Later?

If you pay with your health insurance card, you could bill the balance of the visit later, depending on additional services you needed, such as tests, lab work, and other services. Also, you can be billed later if you need to establish a payment plan as a self-pay patient.

Does Urgent Care Take Medicaid?

Medicaid is acceptable insurance for Urgent Care. Whether it is your only health insurance or supplemented with another policy, you can use it to cover your services’ costs. In some instances, you may have to cover those services that Medicaid does not cover.

Does Urgent Care Take Medicare?

Medicare insurance is also accepted at all Urgent Care locations. It can be used as the primary insurance, with the patient paying the remaining balance not covered or supplemented with another insurance policy that a patient may carry. When checking into Urgent Care, a staff member will request a copy of your Medicare Card.

Does Urgent Care Do X-Rays?urgent care doctor looking at x-rays

If your condition requires an X-ray, it can be ordered and done in the Urgent Care office by one of the technicians. Results are available immediately and help the medical staff make an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Does Urgent Care Do Stitches?

If you or a loved one has had an accident where stitches are required, the Urgent Care facility is the best place for this service. The medical staff has the supplies on hand to quickly assess the damage and begin stitching the cut area. In most cases, patients can visit an Urgent Care, get the stitches and leave quicker than they would have if they went to the emergency room at their local hospital.

Does Urgent Care Do STD Testing?

If you believe you may have contracted an STD, Urgent Care has a test available. You can make an appointment or walk-in and request the test. Based on your test results, you will also receive treatment for these STDs before leaving the facility.

Can You Go To Urgent Care For Physicals, UTIs, Ultrasounds, or Blood work?

Routine physicals for employers or schools are in high demand. Trying to schedule an appointment with your regular physician for one of these exams can take too long. All types of physicals are available at Urgent Care.

If you need to have routine blood work done but need to go around your schedule, Urgent Care is a great option for patients. You can have your blood work done when it is convenient for you. This is also true for ultrasounds that your regular doctor may require, but you cannot make an appointment. Coming in to have these services done around your schedule is the best reason to visit Urgent Care.

One of the most conditions that Urgent Care facilities treat is urinary tract infection (UTI). This condition can happen to anyone and can be painful when not treated. Finding an Urgent Care facility for this infection will get you the medication you need in record time.

When To Go To Urgent Care vs. ER

The emergency room is designed to assist patients who are in a life or death situation. If you need medical attention, but it is not an emergency, you should visit urgent care. The wait times and level of care exceed most emergency rooms, getting you or your loved one the medical attention you need in a decent time.  The Urgent Care facilities offer the same level of care and medical professionals as an emergency room.

Also, the crowding in an ER is much more than in an Urgent Care facility. In most cases, these patients head back to a room and are seen much quicker than those waiting at the ER.

Is Urgent Care Open on Sundays

Many of the Urgent Care locations offer weekend hours, which include Sundays. In many cases, they are open from 9 am to 5 pm, allowing patients who may not be feeling well to access quality medical care throughout the day.

Do You Need To Book An Appointment?

If you require Reliant Urgent Care services, book your appointment online today or visit one of our locations. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Medical Director

As Medical Director of of Reliant Immediate Care Medical Group, Dr. Max Lebow leads a team of highly trained and committed doctors, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and medical assistants, all dedicated to bringing the highest level of medical care to the patients and families who use the many services at our facility.  “Our staff is here to go the extra mile for you,” says Lebow.  “We seek to provide care in a family oriented environment; our family is yours.”

Dr. Lebow graduated from West Virginia University School of Medicine, and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Charity Hospital of New Orleans.  He received his Masters of Public Health from Medical College of Wisconsin, and his Masters of Business Administration from Taft University.  He is Board Certified by the American College of Emergency Medicine and American College of Preventive Medicine (Occupational Medicine). Dr. Lebow has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Urgent Care Associate of America.

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Gene has over 20 years of executive leadership experience guiding healthcare organizations to successfully meet the evolving financial and regulatory environment through alignment of physician and patient goals, and by using innovative IT solutions. As CEO of Reliant Medical Center, one of the busiest and largest standalone urgent care and occupational medicine centers in the country. Under Gene’s direction, Reliant grew at a rate of 20% per year to more than 7,000 visits per month.

In addition to his leadership role at Reliant, Mr. Howell has worked as a technical and work flow advisor and advisory board member for one of the country’s leading EMR companies. He began his career within advertising and marketing and has worked for Fortune 50 companies specializing in top national accounts. After 15 years, Mr. Howell transitioned into the medical field. Gene brings an exceptional working knowledge of EMR’s and how they affect all aspects of a practice.  He is known for thinking outside the box to solve the many challenges facing practices today.