Covid Testing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Vaccinated individuals still may be able to transmit Covid to others. The CDC again confirmed in its 3/3/21 communication: “Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals should continue to follow current guidance, including Covid testing recommendations”. CDC gives similar guidance for those who have had Covid – to continue all COVID-19 prevention and testing programs as before.


Reliant uses PCR and Rapid testing that are sensitive to all new Covid-19 variants. Reliant and our laboratory partners will be able to identify individual strains of the Covid variant should that degree of specificity become necessary.

Eventually, but not now.

The risk of Covid infection remains at historically high rates, only modestly below the maximum of a few weeks ago. Additionally, as of March 4, 2021, only 7.6% of Californians and 8.1% nationally have been vaccinated. Because those vaccinated to this point are mostly healthcare workers or elderly, most workers remain unvaccinated. CDC continues to recommend Covid prevention measures, including Covid testing, until vaccination rates reach approximately much higher rates, at least 70%-80%.


It is still recommended that we follow Covid-19 guidelines. If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or have any symptoms you should take a Covid test. Reliant currently has multiple convenient testing locations throughout LA. View our locations here. If you were wondering about LAX Covid restrictions, we have a rapid testing location at the airport as well.

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