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On-Site COVID-19 Antibody Testing & Screening

Now Available in Your Local Community or Worksite

Mobile Testing Now Available in San Diego by Appointment Only

Reliant Urgent Care is now offering Mobile testing in the San Diego Area. All Patients must have a Telemed Visit before receiving information regarding testing locations.

For best results during your Telemed visit please use Google Chrome for android users, and, Safari for iPhone users.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need assistance with your Screening experience, please reach out to this number: (310) 491-7066

The Patient Journey
  1. New patients will sign up via our HIPAA compliant platform by clicking on the “Get Screened Now” button below and select a TeleMedicine appointment time that works for them.
  2. During this initial appointment, a patient will use their phone or computer to video chat with Reliant staff from the comfort of their own home—asking any questions they may have, and receiving information about the COVID-19 testing we offer.
  3. At the end of their initial appointment, Reliant staff will schedule the patient for Drive-Through testing and provide any instructions the patient may need.
  4. On the date of their Drive-Through appointment, a patient will go to the designated COVID-19 testing location where Reliant Doctors, EMTs, and medical assistants will greet and assist them.
  5. Within 1-2 business days, Reliant will have received the patient’s lab results and will reach out to the patient in order to schedule a follow-up TeleMedicine appointment.
  6. During this follow-up appointment, a patient will use their phone or computer to video chat with a Reliant provider who will discuss their results and provide the patient with any necessary counseling.
  7. The patient is now part of the Reliant Healthcare System, allowing them access to on-demand medical care through the use of Reliant TeleMed.

On-Site Testing for Businesses, Organizations, and Events

We know it’s crucial for you to continue to take care of your health and see a doctor for non-mobile related health matters. Please go to our home page to receive a Telemed visit in regards to an Urgent Care concern. We now offer a secure and safe alternative to visiting us via Telemedicine. Simply use your smartphone or home computer to see the same providers you have come to trust.


If you know the right place, tell us who to contact and we will do our best to make it happen.