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Retail Pricing

Our Pricing

Reliant Urgent Care pricing and list of common medical services, procedures and treatments that we offer 24/7 in Los Angeles. Call us today!

Urgent Care Visit
Office Visit / Provider Examination Included
Injectable - 1 if needed Included
Vital Signs Included
Pulse Ox Monitor Included
Xray - If needed Included
Pregnancy Test - If ordered Included
Total Price $195


Additional Fees
X-ray $95
Procedure $175
Surgical Supplies Included
Respiratory Treatment $60
EKG $60
Crutches - If needed $50/pair
Knee immobilizer $90
Splint, Surgical She $50
FOLLOW UP WITHIN 10 DAYS (Must be same complaint) $0
Office Visit / Provider Examination Included
Surgical Supplies Included
Injectable - If needed Included


Vaccine Charges
Hepatitis A $145
Hepatitis B $120
MMR $75
Tetanus & Diphtheria $55
Tetanus Toxoid $45
Flu Shot $25


Drug & Alcohol Testing
Non DOT Drug Test $50
Instant Drug Test $50
Breath Alcohol Test $50
Basic Physical $85
DMV DOT Physical $110
School Physical $85
TB Test
TB Test (Includes following up reading) $55
Xray resulting from Positive $75
Office Visit / Provider $55