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Our Pricing

Reliant Urgent Care pricing and list of common medical services, procedures and treatments that we offer 24/7 in Los Angeles. Call us today!

Comprehensive Urgent Care Visit
Office Visit Included
Physician Examination Included
Injectable - 1 if needed Included
Complete Vital Signs Included
Medication refills & prescriptions, no narcotics or controlled substances Included
COVID lab PCR only Included
Injectable - Antibiotic/Pain If Needed
Pregnancy test (In-House) If Needed
Urinalysis Check (In-House) If Needed
Hemoglobin Check (In-House) If Needed
Glucose Check (In-House) If Needed
Surgical supplies for lacerations & wound care (Xray, Splint & DMEs) If Needed
STD screen (Lab) - Hep B antigen, Hep C antibody, HSV 1+2, HIV, RPR, GC, Trich If Needed
Pelvic exams – no pap smears Included
No Vaccines  
Total Price $250


Office Visit Follow Up - (Included if initial visit was with Reliant)
Physician Examination $0 if within 10 days of initial visit
Surgical Supplies Included
Injectable (Antibiotic/Pain Injection) If Needed
Total Price $0


Basic/School Physical
Basic Physical $95
School Physical $95


COVID & Flu Testing
Rapid PCR $225
Rapid PCR + Flu Combo $225 +$20
Flu $30
Lab PCR $150


DMV DOT Physical
DMV DOT Physical $150


Vaccine Charges
Hepatitis A $145
Hepatitis B $120
MMR $75
Tetanus & Diphtheria $55
Tetanus Toxoid $45
Flu Shot $25


Drug & Alcohol Testing
Non DOT Drug Test $50
Instant Drug Test $50
Breath Alcohol Test $50
TB Test
TB Test (Includes following up reading) $55
Xray resulting from Positive $75
Office Visit / Provider $55