School & Sports Physicals

School and sports activities keep kids and young people active and healthy throughout the year. It can be challenging to book appointments with your physician if all you need is a sports physical in Los Angeles or a quick physical as part of their school record. Whether your child is interested in signing up for soccer or needs a physical as part of their enrollment, physicals are a key component in keeping children healthy and participating in the things they love.

Physical medical exam for children

The Benefits of School Physicals

What is a school physical?

A school physical is a routine health check, often required by school districts or to participate in certain school activities.

Some children may not get a regular physical from their primary care physician. The school physical is then an important piece of their overall health and can serve as part of that child’s routine exams.

Physicals allow for early detection of any health concerns that you can then follow up on right there at an urgent care center.

School physicals are also a good time to ensure that your child is up-to-date with their immunization schedule. Missing even one vaccine on the state’s immunization schedule could delay enrollment, leading to headaches for you and your child on their first day of school.

Doctors providing school physicals will offer the necessary immunizations and an immunization record that you can then bring to the school district.

Benefits of a Sports Physical

Sports physicals give children and young adults the go-ahead to participate in various sports and are usually required before registration on a sports team. It’s a way to prevent injuries by identifying any problems before they start.

A sports physical will typically include the standard physical — measuring height and weight, vision and blood pressure — and additional exams of the joints, neck and back. A doctor may also do quick checks on your flexibility and posture and conduct checks on overall cardiovascular health.

On top of a general measure of physical fitness, sports physicals can also identify potential risks for injuries. Certain identified conditions can lead to more injuries when participating in sports. A doctor can share health tips, exercises or necessary accommodations you or your child will need to join the sports team.

patient getting his blood pressure taken by a doctor
physiotherapist exam patient's knee. Senior patient with knee injury visit his physiotherapist

What to Bring to a Physical

When arriving at a school physical exam in Los Angeles, whether that’s for an activity for meeting requirements for school enrollment, there are a few items you should bring with you for a smooth appointment.

Bring any forms the doctor needs to fill out during the appointment to ensure that the visit meets your purposes and you have all of the information you need. That can mean forms from the school, camp or sporting organization.

If your child has an existing immunization record, bring it with you. Some vaccines require multiple doses, and your current record will help the doctors make sure the child’s record is complete.

Finally, bring your insurance cards and method of payment for your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A school physical is an overall health check of a child. The usual health markers are recorded, including height and weight, blood pressure readings, vision and heart and lung checks. The eyes, ears, nose, mouth and teeth are also checked. This should also be the time to make sure that the child’s immunization record is up-to-date.

In addition to the overall health check expected in a school physical, the doctor will want a complete picture of the patient’s physical fitness. A sports physical will also include extra attention paid to the joint, neck and back.

Expect to share health histories with the doctor. This includes any chronic illnesses or family history of disease.

That information can better inform the exam. A history of asthma, for example, is very important during a sports physical, as the child or young adult may need additional accommodations to participate. As already mentioned, an immunization record is also essential for participation in both school activities and many sports.

Physicals for school activities or sports are easy to access. If you’re unable to book an appointment at your doctor’s office, urgent care like Reliant can help quickly and efficiently.

Reliant Urgent Care offers efficient sports physicals and physicals for school activities. Schedule a physical for your child today so that your child can participate in all of the activities they enjoy.

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