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STD Testing

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Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, are some of the most common ailments people face, but the stigma around STD testing remains. That discomfort causes many people to delay STD testing, even when it’s known that early detection is key for good outcomes and successful treatment. Take charge of your health and take advantage of an efficient, reliable, and confidential STD test in Los Angeles through Reliant Urgent Care.

The Benefits of STD Testing

Getting an STD test isn’t only about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting your sexual partners, too. While routine testing won’t prevent you from getting an STD, it could catch a problem while it’s still treatable.

Early diagnosis and treatment of STDs will offer you the best chance of zero complications down the line and a clean bill of health once you’re done with treatment.


What Are the Standard STD Tests?

Chlamydia testing and gonorrhea testing are two of the most common STD tests in the Los Angeles area for bacterial STDs. They’re both treatable and curable, and a urine sample can test for both. Testing for syphilis, another bacterial STD, and HIV, a viral STD, is done with a blood test.

If you have any visible sores, your healthcare provider may take a tissue sample or scraping from that sore to test for common STDs like herpes or HPV, both viral STDs. While viral STDs are not curable, they are treatable, and early detection will give you the best chance at treatment plans that work for your lifestyle.


Figuring Out Your Next Steps

Being open and honest is important in determining the best course of action. Your healthcare provider can help you determine which STD tests you may need during a consultation with you. That can be done virtually or in person if you choose an urgent care provider like Reliant.

Any conservations you have are confidential. The goal is to help you feel comfortable to ask all of the questions you need to take charge of your sexual health.


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